Airline Pilot Offers Airbus A320 Type Rating Course with EASA Approved TRTO in Turkey for JAA/EASA/ICAO Pilots

Our training center Located in Istanbul / Turkey, close to Istanbul Ataturk International Airport , Our Training Centre welcome you in a warm and friendly environment. Highly International qualified instructors from UK , France , Spain , Greece and Turkey will put their experience and knowledge at work for your success.Innovative training methods and tools are combined all together in order to meet the most stringent criterion of economy, efficiency and professionalism.


Our simulator center is approved by EASA/JAA/ICAO and we can accept all pilots with EASA , JAA , ICAO , Canadian and Australian License for our Airbus A320 type rating programs.

  • Airbus A320 TR Program Content :


  • 40 Hours WBT Training 

  • 40 Hours Ground Training 

  • 20 Hours VPT Training 

  • 36 Hours FFS Training 

WBT : Web Base Training 

VPT : Virtual Procedure Trainer

FFS : Full Flight Simulator 


  • Location : ISTANBUL / Turkey

  • Duration : 30 Days


  • Type Rating Program Includes :


  • All Materials and Training Documents 

  • Accommodation : 30 Nights Single Room

  • Transportation : To/From Simulator Center

  • Lunch and Beverage at Simulator Center 

All Includes Price : 14.990 EURO

Location Advantages :


Our Simulator Center is located at Istanbul City near to Ataturk International Airport , our students can buy air ticket from all countries with direct flight to Istanbul City.


our training and simulator center is located in Free Zone, it helps us to offer the best price with no extra VAT and TAX for our students  , due to this reason our price is approximately 25% less than other training centers and aviation companies in Europe and Middle East .


VISA , There is NO NEED VISA up to 90 days for all nationalities and this is our next advantage for our international students.

Base Training : we can arrange actual 6 Touch & Go in Airbus A319/320/321 with our partner airlines in Turkey , Ukraine or Slovenia for our students after type rating course with total cost of 6.000 Euro.


MCC/JOC Training : we can offer A320 type rating program integrated with MCC or Jet Orientation before type rating course for our students with no MCC certificate.


Line Training : As Airline Pilot Team , we offer 300-500 Hours line training program with our partner airlines in North Africa , Europe , Middle East and Asia  ONLY for our type rated students after TR and BT course. please contact us for more details and price list.